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This list is updated annually and contains the following:

• Top 200 Most Requested Songs

• Most Requested Songs of the 2010's

• Most Requested Songs of the 2000's

• Most Requested Songs of the 1990's

• Most Requested Songs of the 1980's

• Most Requested Songs of the 1970's

• Most Requested Songs of the 1960's

• Most Requested Songs of the 1950's

You can also view helpful wedding music suggestions such as:

•Most Requested Bride & Groom First Dances

• Most Requested Bride & Father Dances

• Most Requested Groom & Mother Dances

• Most Requested Bridal Party Dances

• Most Requested Bouquet Toss Songs

• Most Requested Garter Toss Songs

• Most Requested Cake Cutting Songs

• Most Requested Wedding Introduction Songs

• Most Requested Last Dances

• Most Requested Money Dance Songs

• Most Requested Ceremony Processional Songs

• Most Requested Ceremony Recessional Songs

• Most Requested Ceremony Songs

These charts can be accessed via PDF by clicking here:

Or here: 

All of the music contained in the charts above are available in our extensive library. Our library also contains more dated materials, reaching all the way back to the 1920's era. In addition, we also belong to a top music industry pool that allows us to update our collection with today's top hits on a daily basis.

If you ever have questions about specific music offerings, please feel free to contact us.

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As you would expect from a Mobile Entertainment Company that's been in business for over a decade, our collection of music is virtually limitless. And while we can't list every song in our library here, we have provided a link below to the helpful Mobile Beat/DJ Intelligence Top Music Charts. 

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